I Would Have Gone Mad If Not For My Mum – Obesere 4 years ago 26

Popular fuji singer, Abass Akande, a.k.a Obesere says his mother saved his life from going down the wrong path, due to his romance with Indian hemp.











In an episode of the ongoing Supermom reality show, which featured him and his mother, Taibat Omobonike Akande, Obesere said his love for music and peer pressure got him entangled in the web of Indian hemp at a very early age.

‘I was very young when I started taking Indian hemp but it wasn’t good for my system because anytime I took it, I would just sleep off for about five to six hours. Of course, it became very worrisome for my mother who went everywhere and did everything in order for me to stop but she never gave up on me.’

His mother added that she and her husband were worried about their son’s health and future and had wanted him to be well educated, but young Abass would not budge: ‘Things were so bad that after taking it, I would be the one to go and pick him up where he would have slept off. At a point, I had to consult Islamic clerics to help me pray for him so he wouldn’t bring shame to the family’.

With tears in her eyes, she also recalled all the Fuji music star put the family through in his bid to become a musician but said she’s glad to see what he has become, ‘I’m grateful to God today that he is a celebrated Nigerian musician, a musician that brings joy to many homes and the hearts of many.’

Obesere, who was once signed on to Sony Music, has released over 14 albums and is currently signed under Bayowa Records and Music. Home Page

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