2015: Igbo Presidency Untested Option For Good Governance – Okonkwo 4 years ago 1

President of C-21, an Igbo socio-political group, Senator Annie Okonkwo has declared that for the much needed Igbo presidency to be a reality in the next dispensation, indigines of the South East must quit being used to scuttle the common dreams of the region.

He also noted that Igbo presidency remains the only untested option for the desired good governance in Nigeria.

Briefing newsmen yesterday in Lagos, Okonkwo noted that his group was poised, to revolutionise the quest for Igbos to occupy the mainstream of Nigerian politics.

According to him, “A strategic and decisive pitch for the Nigerian Presidency of Igbo extraction should no longer be an issue for bedroom or lunch date sentimental posturing and lamentation, but rather the most singular defining redemption for Nigeria’s political and moral fairness as a corporate entity.

This  cannot be seen as a low hanging fruit without sacrificial selfless unity  by the lgbos themselves.”

He further said, “Now which of these zones have not had the opportunity of Nigeria’s presidency, it is  the South East. Which of  these zones have less number of states and local governments? Ironically, which of these zones have been more supportive developmentally and politically to others? Of course, the South East.”

In addition, he said, “the democratic foundation to realize high stake political aspiration is best laid on honest and rigorous negotiation across board. The time has come for us to come together, negotiate together and advance our views and arguments together, in the same resolute character that have inspired our successes as a blessed people.

The C21 will do all that can possibly be done to chart a course of sustainable political unity and social harmony  amongst our politically endangered people. No sacrifice will be too much and resource will be spared in this regard.” Home Page

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