5 Steps To Forgiving Your Mate After He/She Has Cheated On You 4 years ago 1

1. Don’t rush your response

It might feel natural to finish the relationship as soon as you discover the infidelity, but do stop and take stock. Wait for your initial feelings of hurt and anger to be replaced by secondary responses – these will be more productive in the long term. Can you understand why the infidelity happened? Were there warning signs? If the roles were reversed, might you have been tempted to be unfaithful in your partner’s position?

2. Talk

You will feel an urge to obtain every piece of information about the affair, just to give your racing mind some peace, so talk about it with your partner. Discovering the details won’t help you emotionally (you’ll feel they will, but they won’t), but you will find comfort in talking to your partner about it, because talking is a sign that your partner wants to rebuild their relationship with you.

3. Ask for what you need

If there are changes that will help you cope – moving into a separate bedroom, taking a holiday (alone or together), meeting the other person – then ask for them and do it early on. At the beginning, your partner’s guilt will make them amenable to your requests and they will try to help you as much as they can. Later on, they will prefer to try to “forget” what happened.

4. Write it down

Keep a journal where you pour out every last feeling of hurt and distress, every question, every moment of anguish. Write it all down. Don’t reread what you write, just let it pour out. The simple act of writing is comforting, plus it gives you a safe place to process your thoughts. Keep it a private book, don’t let your partner read it, and don’t quote irate passages from it.

5. Find support

Talk to friends whose relationships survived an affair, or find online groups where people discuss the issue from their own experiences. Look for support in moving onwards positively, don’t let yourself be talked into ending the relationship unless you are sure that’s what you want to do. Find a counselor or therapist you can see individually. Your partner will want to spend less and less time talking about the affair, preferring to rebuild your relationship, and might see every conversation about What Happened as a backwards step. Home Page

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