Air Nigeria Strategizes To Prevent Staff Resignation 4 years ago 1

Troubled Air Nigeria has evolved a strategy to make its employees have faith in the company and avoid resignation.

The company has established employee’s counsel that comprises representatives across all the departments of the airline.

The employees counsel regularly meet with the top management to discuss plans and performance of the airline as well as follow-up of issues that have been raised by staff, the airline spokesman, Samuel Ogbogoro said in a statement.

The statement said following the counseling sessions, employees have assured of their readiness for the immediate start of domestic and regional operations.

It said that Air Nigeria has currently finalized its revival and growth plans to immediately recommence regional and domestic operations and the resumption of services will be announced soon.

“Following series of meetings between board, management and employees over the last few weeks, employees of Air Nigeria have reaffirmed their loyalty to safeguard the airline from external forces that have been trying to sabotage its achievements of the last two years that culminated with the successful launch of the growth strategy on May 16, 2012, with the start of the Lagos-London route. Home Page

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