Voracious Dog Eats Athlete’s Ticket To Olympic Game 4 years ago 0

United States (U.S.) history-chasing shooter, Kim Rhode, has had a rough and lonely build-up to her Olympic bid after flight cancellations forced her to miss her team’s training camp, before her puppy ate her ticket.

Rhode, seeking to become the first American to win individual medals at five Summer Games in a row, went to the airport in Los Angeles on Friday intending to fly to Copenhagen in Denmark for the training camp.

But the first leg of her flight – to Newark – was twice cancelled and as time ticked away, she eventually flew direct to London, arriving on Tuesday.  Adding to the stress, Rhode’s husband initially could not find his passport, and her four-month old white puppy devoured her re-issued ticket.

“My husband lost his passport and couldn’t find it. My dog ate my ticket,” she said. The missing passport was located and the ticket was reprinted after it was eaten by the toy poodle called Norman – dubbed “hell on wheels” by Rhode. When asked whether the dramas of the past few days had affected her, a relaxed Rhode said, “it’s like anything.” Home Page

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