Style Tips To Flatter Your Body Shape

Style Tips To Flatter Your Body Shape

It's time to embrace your figure, accept your troubled areas and accentuate your best features. Here are a few tips to make you look fabulous and feel like a million bucks!

Style Tips To Flatter Your Body Shape







Shape 1 - Rectangle

Traits: Your waist, hips, and shoulders have similar measurements. Your body shape is straight up and down.

Assets: You can get away with most outfits because of your slender frame!

Style options: Choosing styles that create curves is a great way to give the illusion of a curvier body. The best way is to create a defined waistline. Choose fitted tops or sweaters and wear belts that run across your midriff. Select dresses with an empire waist and choose skirt styles that are a-line. Boot-cut jeans and trouser style pants work best for you.

Shape 2: Pear

Traits: Your lower body is larger then your upper body. 

Assets: You can showcase your well-defined shoulders and torso!

Style options: Select styles that will balance out your body. Wear solids and darker colors on your lower half, while adding dimension to your top half by wearing brighter colors. Opt in for jeans that have a straight leg. Dresses and skirts that are a-line and aren’t clingy are your best options. Select tops with a large frame and shape that will draw attention to your upper half.

Shape 3: Apple

Traits: You have a fuller middle because you carry weight in your stomach and your waist is undefined. Your bottom half is smaller then your top.

Assets: You have a full chest and legs that many women would kill for!

Style options: Styles that show off your gorgeous legs are the best way to go. Select dresses that swing and have an empire waist. Wearing dresses and skirts with an a-line is a great way to showcase your body. Jeans with a boot-cut will help balance your top and bottom half. Selecting tops and dresses with a v-cut will accentuate your full bust.

Shape 4: Hourglass

Traits: You have a full bust with a well-defined waist and hips.

Assets: I think we all know…

Style options: V-cut tops and dresses are great for defining your curves. Wearing pants that are straight or boot-cut will help accentuate your figure. Wrap dresses, tops and sweaters look amazing on you. A-line dresses and skirts can make any woman look great but a pencil skirt accentuates your curves in the right places.




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