Mudslides Overtake Akwa Ibom Villages 4 years ago 4

Following a heavy downpour that lasted for several hours, about six villages in Cross River State have been sacked.

The heavy rain, which occurred recently, affected Ebranta, Asuben, Ebok, Enyi, and Kachie and Kataben of Boje communities in Boki Local Council of Cross River State.

A very pathetic scenario was also created in Katabang community with a population of over 900, where a stream, the only source of drinking water, was completely submerged. 

He said Nwup River Bridge, which has been completely washed away by the raging flood, is the only link to the local council headquarters of Boki but now the only access is the local ferries constructed with planks and gallons. All bridges and culverts linking all the communities have been completely washed away.

According to him, “The big challenge is that the communities that share same social amenities such as hospitals, schools, markets, places of worship and others, can no longer do so

“Over 10,000 people have been displaced, streams that served as drinking water sources are all lost, no access to medicines and you can just imagine an epidemic in view. Home Page

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