Ghanaian Musician Refuses To Perform With Artists Rocking Brazilian Hair 4 years ago 0

In a recent interview during the Black Pot segment on Taxi Driver on Hitz FM, Ghanaian rap artist, Gyedu Blay Ambolley was very upfront about his no fake hair policy for women he performs with:

The highlife mogul said “I disagree with women performing with me and carrying Brazilian, Indian or any other wig.”

He also added that, female artistes who will perform with him should portray themselves as true Africans since it is important to portray our culture and identity.

He stated that we need to portray to the world and showcase what we have as black people and not what other countries have since there is a reason why God gave us our hair.

He indicated that Ghanaian women should be on the alert in view of the fact that if we condemn our own hair then it signifies that we are not satisfied with what God has given to us.

Ambolley also disclosed that he will stop any performance with any lady who goes contrary to his anti-wig and Brazilian hair campaign.

With so much of the pressure on our physical appearance—particularly our hair—coming from black men, it’s refreshing to hear an African man encouraging African women to display their hair in its natural state and showcase the beauty they were created with. Home Page

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