So Jonathan Won’t Create Jobs Again 4 years ago 1

President Goodluck Jonathan said recently that he would no longer focus attention on creating jobs in the country because of security challenges confronting Nigeria.









The President was at the 60th National Executive Committee meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party when he made the pronouncement.

One would have to check the books to find out what else presidents create, if they don’t create jobs. Actually, there were two things he said at the meeting: Nigerians should not expect him to fulfil his election promises, as well as implement his party manifesto on job creation and power supply. Two, he compared the performance of the current administration and that of his party with the worst case possible, not the best, and scored himself a pass mark. One could take a closer look at the latter, for starters.

We know what is happening in other African countries,” the President had said. “If the ruling party over-intimidates and over-imposes, using the weight of the Federal Government and the citizens revolt, it will weaken the political system and create confusion and instability.

But the PDP, even though, we control the Federal Government, we operate a system that even the opposition, fly higher than us. They abuse us more, but we allow it. And it is the way the PDP is handling the affairs of the country that is stabilising democracy in the country.” Good.

But placing that side by side with other African countries is not. One would assume a look at advanced democracies is where to draw comparisons, and thus aim for the best for Nigeria.

The President went on to lament the loss by his party in some states during the general elections. And he realised everyone could be swept away if his party exerts itself, and he therefore made a promise:  The party would not use its federal might against other political parties because “we witnessed what happened in the first republic.” It is good politicians are proclaiming that they have learnt from the past. But then, even all of that amounts to veiled threats, a reason Nigerians would want to be more on their guard.

It is only here leaders say they choose not to rig elections and expect anyone to shower them with praises. Surely, Nigerians were not among those that must have clapped that time at the meeting where their President renewed his vow never to rig elections, only his party members were. Home Page

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