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NECO Question Papers Are Leak Proof - Registrar

NECO Question Papers Are Leak Proof - Registrar

The registrar, National Examination Council, (NECO) Prof Promise Nwachukwu Okpala, was at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus recently to present a keynote paper, entitled, 'Educational Research and Evaluation as Transformation Tools', at a conference organized by the Nigeria Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators.

The Registrar, who is presently serving his second term as the Chief Executive Officer of the examination body, said the introduction of customized answer sheets by the exam body has beaten exam cheats to their game. He affirmed that the era of leakages of NECO question papers was over.

"Our concern at NECO is only to conduct a credible examination, an examination that end users and stakeholders will appreciate the quality. We have perfected strategies and these include what we call customized answer-sheet. In customized answer sheet approach, each subject has peculiar answer sheet. The essence of this is that, those who write exams outside the hall and smuggle the paper in thinking it is the original answer sheet will be disappointed.

Answer sheet is as sensitive as question paper and each question paper, on opening each question paper, answer sheets are also opened and each of them expires. Only few individuals know the secret code of the papers. On the surface the paper looks alike.

At the end of the exam, we reveal the secret code to the examiners who will mark the papers. At the end of the exam, we will be able to isolate all the papers printed by other printers. In this process, we will be able to know those who wrote exam outside the exam hall. Candidates should be told not to bother writing exam outside the examination hall. We will detect every fake answer sheet during marking.

"Parents now know they won’t go about looking for leakage. They must have done that five years ago, but not now. Parents and stakeholders will not go about looking for NECO question papers now, because, they will not succeed." He added.

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