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Teacher Dies Plucking Pear For Lover

Teacher Dies Plucking Pear For Lover

It was a tragic end of a teacher with the Federal Housing Estate Secondary School, Calabar as he  fell down and died from a pear tree while trying to pluck pear fruits from a big pear tree standing at the back of their house.

The teacher whose name was given as Eddy and who hails from Biase Local government Area of Cross River State but lives with his elder brother, a serving permanent secretary with the state  at House 2, J Line Federal Housing Estate plunged to a tragic death when he climbed the pear tree to pluck pear fruits for Vicky, his girlfriend who came to visit him.

According to a source close to the family, “He was at home that Wednesday afternoon since school vacated last week and Vicky, his girlfriend called that she was coming to the house. When she came, she saw that quite a number of the pear fruits were ripe and ready for plucking and she asked Eddy if he could get some for her and he obliged. But he died while doing that”

The source said had said that because the peer tree was big, people normally use ladder to climb it “but this time, the high rainfall in Calabar had caused the stem of the pear tree to be wet and slippery so when he had climbed to a point, the ladder slipped off from the stem and he came crashing to the ground.”

The teacher the source revealed fell down from the tree with his forehead which caused him serious injury.

Despite the serious injury sustained, Eddy was able to drive himself in his pick up van to hospital but could not continue when he got opposite Senator Ita Giwa’s gate.

It was gathered that he became too dizzy and pulled by the side of the road  but one of his brother’s had to drive him to hospital.

A doctor at the General Hospital Calabar said that the deceased died from hemorrhage in his brain, and his body was deposited at the hospital’s mortuary.

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