Bakassi/Cameroon: Depotees Vow To Return To Their Motherland 4 years ago 17

Barely three months left to end the final ceding of Bakassi, Cameroun has started deploying troops in the  peninsular. But Bakassi youths in Nigeria have vowed to take back the peninsular. Nigeria has till October, 2012 to reject the Green Tree Agreement (GTA) or call for a review of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgement or permanently forfeit Bakassi.

Sources close to Cameroun told The Guardian that “the arms buildup in the peninsular is informed by recent agitations from Nigerians rejecting the ceding of the peninsular to Cameroun and the lower house of the National Assembly declining to ratify the October 10, 2002 ICJ judgement and the June, 2006 GTA. “Our people in Cameroun are not taking chances and as you can see, the government of Cameroun has ordered the intensification of security in the Bakassi peninsular.”

At the press briefing which was attended by the Bakassi Chairman Dr. Bassey Ekpo Ekpo, councillors, traditional rulers and others at the Council of Chiefs Chambers, Calabar,  Edet said: “This is to inform all Nigerians that the youths of the area are already restive and I as the paramount ruler cannot stop them from resisting now what they consider an unfair treatment by the ICJ, the UN and Nigeria which ignored the human cost of their action.

According to him, “they (youths) have threatened that before October 10, 2012, they will take back their Bakassi in whatever means possible if urgent steps are not taken by the Federal Government to address their problems.”

Besides returning them to their motherland, the Bakassi people also called for “adequate compensation to CRS (Cross River State) and Bakassi community  in perpetuity in ceding their land and holistic relocation and resettlement of Bakassi people to the area of their choice (and) the Federal Government to adopt equitable solution to the 76 oil well saga.” Home Page

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