Goldie Was Robbed, KSB Alleges 4 years ago 0

Kennis Music artiste, KSB has accused the organisers of the on-going Big Brother Stargame of robbing Nigerian contestant, Goldie of the opportunity of winning the game.

She said this in an exclusive interview with NET at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, during the press briefing held for Goldie a day after she returned home. According to her, Goldie had all the characteristics expected of every winner of the show, and she, along with Nigeria, were robbed of the victory.

‘I think they didn’t even let us know if she had the least votes from the number of people that were on the eviction list. I just think she was being robbed and I don’t see her being robbed, I see Nigeria being robbed of the opportunity of winning again.’

The gospel singer went on to say that the action may have been because the organisers didn’t want another Nigerian to win, having won it three times in a row. She said she was sure Goldie would have made the last three had she been allowed to make it through another week, especially with her immunity due to her position as head of house.

Goldie, who was the celebrity housemate from Nigeria, was evicted on Sunday, July 15, 2012 after 68 days and reigning as Head of House three times. Home Page

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