Anambra Bans ‘Terror’ Group, Ndi Mpiawa Azu, Others 4 years ago 15


The Anambra State Government yesterday proscribed the terror group- Ndi Mpiawa-azu- and other youth Organisation whose activities were said to be threatening the peace and stability of the state.

Also banned by Governor Peter Obi in a radio and television broadcast in Awka are Igbo Youth Organisation, Ogbaru Youth Organisation and other local government areas youth Organisation in the state. 

The proscription is in lines with Section 98 (2) of the Criminal Code laws of Anambra State 1991. The governor said a law on prohibition of fraudulent practices on land and property will soon be in force. 

According to him, it is now a criminal offence for any person to belong to, associate with, manage or assist in the management of any of the proscribed groups or organisations. 

He said all community-based youth organisations must be registered with, supervised, controlled and subjected to the town union and traditional ruler of that community which must take responsibility for their activities and conducts. 

He explained that the new law on land and property prohibits people from selling land not belonging to them or selling a parcel of land to two or more different persons. Besides, the law forbids people from demanding or collecting any fee not approved by law from any person developing or improving an already existing property in the state. 

He said the law will descend heavily on any person wilfully damaging, destroying, pulling down or removing any beacon or structure on any land belonging to another person or any person; harassing, obstructing or assaulting any worker in a construction site with intent to compel the workers or owner of the land to pay illegal fees. 

The governor’s broadcast came 24 hours after Deputy Governor Emeka Sibeudu, in a statement, disowned the now proscribed Ndi Mpiawazu whose members were terrorising residents of the commercial cities of Onitsha and Nnewi. The group was blamed for the murder and maiming of many residents of the two cities. 

However, Deputy Governor Emeka Sibeudu said in Awka that the state government had no relationship whatsoever with the group and could not have been acting on behalf of the government. Home Page

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