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Easy Ways To Look Better In Photos

Easy Ways To Look Better In Photos

You know that moment when you annoyingly ask whoever is taking a picture to retake it because you don't like how you look in it? That will no longer be you, thanks to these tips from a top makeup artist and photographer that'll help make you more photogenic in a flash.


Easy Ways To Look Better In Photos

Here are the tips:

1. Smile - but don't smile too big.

"Be aware of how big you smile, because when you smile really big, your eyes tend to crinkle up and wrinkles begin to form," says Roberts. He suggests practicing your smile in the mirror. "Get a feel for a smile you like and then flash that exact grin when someone takes your picture."

2. Take pictures at dawn or dusk, but never midday.

From noon to four or five, the sun is right over you, so your forehead will be brightly lit and shadows will be cast onto your eyes from your brows, so try to avoid taking pictures during that time if you can. If you do have to shoot midday outside, set the camera on flash, so that the shadow pockets will be filled by the flash. From five until sunset, the light is a warmer, golden tone and is also more in front of your face, so you won't have to worry about shadows then either."

3. Take advantage of a cloudy day.

"A cloudy day brings about nice, soft light that will leave less emphasis on character lines (crow's feet, subtle wrinkles) that you might focus on in a bad way," Roberts explains. "The clouds, and even a shaded spot, act as a diffusion, making the photo look softer."

4. Use a white wall as your backdrop.

"This is another way to bring brightness to your face: standing in front of a white wall," Roberts says. "You always want to be facing the light source, otherwise there will be shadows on your face, and a white wall will always give you a more crisp shot."

"You always want to make sure your light source is slightly elevated, so that you see less of what is below your chin," explains Roberts. "So anytime you're taking a picture of yourself - or of someone else - raise your camera up around forehead level and and tilt the camera downward to get the best angle. Taking a picture of someone from down low will only emphasize their neck and chin." Not cute.


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