14 Killed In Mass Shooting At Batman Premiere 4 years ago 3


Fourteen people are confirmed dead and 50 have been injured in a shooting at the premiere of the new Batman movie in a movie theater in Aurora near Denver, Colorado, according to numerous reports.

According to reports, a gunman opened fire at the theater, killing ten people and injuring a minimum of 36, which have been admitted to a hospital. Four more individuals died at area hospitals.

Police scanners in Aurora stated that the a majority damage was caused by a bomb, not gunfire. Police found a potential secondary device in a parking lot. At this time, most major reports indicate that this was primarily a shooting, however, some witnesses have stated that they heard the sound of gunshots and “explosions.”

Police spokeswoman Cassidee Carlson said “the scene is still very active and we have little information for release at this time.”

One suspect is in custody. The suspect was reportedly waring a gas mask and a bullet-proof vest. Frank Fania, PIO for the Aurora Police department told CNN that the alleged gunmen had rifle and a hand gun in his possession and another firearm was found inside the theater. The suspect was arrested near his car by some of the first officers on the team.

Fania also reports that police believe the gunman appeared at the front of the screen and started shooting.

An eye-witness has shared some details on Twitter. Home Page

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