I Truly Cared For Prezzo – Goldie 4 years ago 0

The last Nigerian to be evicted from the Big Brother Stargame show, Goldie has disclosed that her relationship with fellow housemate, Prezzo was not a strategy, as many had thought.











She opened up her feeling at a press briefing held in her honour today, Thursday, July 19, 2012 at the Protea Hotel, Ikeja, saying that the speculation about her character and activity in the house were far from the truth.

Contrary to what many have opined, Goldie insists she was herself from the beginning of the show till the day she was evicted.

‘Personally, I didn’t go there with any strategy, I went in there to be myself. I went into the house as Susan…I have two facets to myself, on the TV, I am the entertainer and in the BBA house, I was Susan that’s me’.

And as for her relationship with Prezzo, she said, ‘I am an extra emotional person and as for Prezzo, I came to care for him very much. What I saw was that he was a calm person and what I saw was a calm person and he appeared intelligent. You had the option of 50 cameras, I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw’, she concluded.

When asked how she feels now that she has discovered the deceitful nature of Prezzo, Goldie responded, ‘when I heard everything he said, I was sad but I realise he went into the house to play a game…I have learnt and I am stronger for it’. Home Page

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