Baby With Many Legs Needs N1m To Live 4 years ago 1

A baby girl that was delivered with many legs and no anus needs N1 million for corrective surgery for her to remain alive, medical experts said.










Baby Nafisat was born on June 18, 2012 to the family of Ahmed in Bayo Local Government Area of Borno state. But her parents’ joy was turned to sorrow when she was delivered with complex abnormalities.

According to medical surgeons, Nafisat needs an intensive surgery to make her remain alive.

But her parents have no means of paying for such surgery; hence, they called on the Borno state government, especially the First Lady, to come to their aid.

Dr Adamu Madugu, the Medical Director (MD) of the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe, said Nafisat risks losing her precious life if the surgery is not carried out immediately.

He said: “Nafisat was referred to the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe, and has been admitted in the Special Baby Care Unit with a case of imperforated anus and multiple abnormalities.

“The patient has to undergo a series of surgery in order to correct various enormities.”


gathered that the girl, who now lives solely on various medical gadgets, needs N1 million for an all important surgery.

Madugu said with N1 million, Nafisat would be able to pay for her surgery, drugs, investigation, pints of blood, feeding and accommodation.

“Unfortunately, the parents cannot afford the money due to financial constraints,” said the Surgeon who solicited that only government can help the poor parents to save the life of the baby. Home Page

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