Senate slashes costs of number plates, driver’s license 4 years ago 4

The Senate Committee on Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs has slashed the price of the new vehicle number plate and driver’s license to N8,400 and N4,000 respectively. The reduction is contained in the report which the committee submitted to the Senate after its two-day public hearing on the price of the new number plate and driver’s license that was fixed by the FRSC.

The committee, chaired by Sen. Dahiru Kuta (PDP-Niger), also said that the suspension placed on the issuance of the new driver’s license and vehicle number plate had been lifted. It, nonetheless, advised the FRSC to ensure strict compliance with the price review.

The Senate at its plenary session on 29 February considered a motion on the hardship inflicted on citizens because of the price of the new number plate and driver’s license.The Senate described the price as high and directed the FRSC to suspend the implementation forthwith.

In the report, the committee conceded that the new number plate and driver’s license was laudable but stressed the need to reduce the price.

“The Committee recommends that motorcycle plate number and rider’s license should revert to the old rate of N1,500 and N750 respectively, as the majority of the motorcyclists are poor.Similarly, the sum of N8,400 is being recommended as the price of standard motor vehicle number plate instead of N15,000, while the price of the driver’s license should be reduced from N6,000 to N4,000.’’

The committee, however, recommended that FRSC should extend the deadline given for the procurement of the new number plate and driver’s license by another six months.

“The committee notes that the FRSC has given a timeframe of September 2011 to August 2012 for motorists to renew their licences and number plates. We ask that this date be extended from August 2012 to February 2013.’’

It urged the FRSC to embark on massive enlightenment campaigns to educate the people on the advantages and other security details of the new scheme.

The committee, however, called for the harmonisation of some functions of the police, the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) and FRSC, adding that some overlaps existed in the activities of the three agencies.

It also directed the VIO to stop its E-coding scheme and the collection of N2,000 per vehicle Home Page

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