Dantong Was Already Dead On Arrival To Hospital 4 years ago 0

The Chief Nursing Officer of Barkin Ladi Local Government where most of the victims of Sunday’s attack were rushed to, Mr. Samson Nyam, has confirmed that late Senator Dantong and Fulani were already dead before they got to the hospital.

He told journalists that to the best of his knowledge, the two were already dead but the medical team still performed their professional duty of trying to resuscitate them.

“There was no life in late Hon. Fulani when he was brought to the hospital but despite this, we still tried to resuscitate him before we finally certified that he was dead.

There was no way we could have carried out any treatment on him. What we did was to wheel him on a stretcher to the ward,”

He added that there was no sign of life in Dantong when he got to the hospital, adding: “We tried cardiac massage and the necessary things but it was too late.

As a professional I observed him, the skin was cold, there was no life in him. When he was in the car he might probably be gasping, that I can’t tell but when he was brought out of the vehicle and wheeled to resuscitating room, there was no life in him.” Home Page

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