Dana Air’s emergency landing 4 years ago 0

Dana Air plane was, yesterday, involved in an emergency landing at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The aircraft with registration number 5N-SRI was coming from Uyo with 86 passengers on board.

Reacting, spokesman for the airline, Mr. Tony Osidamen, said the aircraft was forced to have an emergency landing due to the discovery of an hydraulic pressure by the pilot while the aircraft was still  in the airspace.

He said:’’The pilot discovered an hydraulic pressure on the aircraft and immediately contacted the Air Traffic Controllers at the control tower in Lagos airport, declaring an emergency landing at the MMIA airport

“The aircraft was able to land successfully at the MMIA airport but the rescue services like the ambulances from Nacho Aviance and other relevant agencies to evacuate the passengers came a little bid late as the delay created panic among the passengers.”

Osidamen, however, stressed that the aircraft landed safely but added that it was yet to be towed out of the runway at press time.

He said: “The aircraft landed safely and the 86 passengers were safely evacuated but we are still trying to tow the aircraft off the runway. It landed at exactly 4;59 p.m.” Home Page

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