I Once Stoned Funsho Adeolu, Slapped Aishat – Antar Laniyan 4 years ago 9

Antar Laniyan who grew up in the barrack around Ilaro where his mum was selling food recently confessed that he once stoned Funsho Adeolu and slapped Aishat Abimbola at the location before when they failed to assimilate what he was passing across to them.








“When I see those who belong, I sit them down and tell them what they should do and they fit in. Those who listened then are still there today. Aishat, Moji Olaiya and others are still there today because they listened. I have stoned Funsho( Adeolu) before and slapped Aishat so many times. Well, as a young man at that time, he had to obey me as the director; he had to do it right. But today, that experience is helping him in his job.

He is now an actor, producer and director. He directs very well; I can say that about him. I have seen the work he directed. He may have forgotten now, but it happened; and he is gaining it now. Aishat would tell you that I’m the only reason she cries easily in movies today, because Antar once slapped her so that she could cry. But you see, they may not talk about that part of their stories now. I am telling you so that you know they suffered before becoming what they are today.“

But why stoning him, why not something else, we asked? “You have to do what you must do at the right time; and you must get it right; otherwise, you are a useless person. If you are in front of an instructor, a director or somebody that is teaching you something, you must listen. But the moment you are doing anything else or you are doing it wrongly probably a few times when you are not a baby, stoning you will make you pay attention. So, when I did that to him, e got it right,“ he rounded off. Home Page

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