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Inferior Phones Are Hazardous To Your Health - Nokia

Inferior Phones Are Hazardous To Your Health - Nokia

Mr Silvin Sinan, the Head of Nokia Care Centre, Nokia West Africa, has advised mobile phone users in Nigeria to desist from purchasing substandard ones.

Sinan in Lagos on Monday said that substandard products had no value for the money spent on them.

He also said that counterfeited product was hazardous to the users’ health due to excessive radiation from the fake device, adding that such product also do not have long life span.

Sinan said that consumers were often constrained by ignorance, poverty and the inability to detect substandard devices to buy fake mobile phones.

According to him, this may be harmful to them.

“Incidentally, mobile phones and their accessories are not different as many consumers opted for substandard devices because of the cheap price tag on the fake ones that look like the original.

“In spite of the efforts made by the government agencies to combat substandard devices, they appear to have taken a foothold to the detriment of consumers, manufacturers and government alike.’’

Sinan lamented that counterfeiting had become pervasive as it affected every consumer product, ranging from household items, telecommunication devices and household items.

He urged producers of genuine phones to partner with the government agencies to educate consumers in order to stem the influx of substandard devices into the market.

He said that Nokia had a strategy of recruiting, training and equipping Nigerians to offer world-class services.

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