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10 Most Underrated Beauty Habits

10 Most Underrated Beauty Habits

A beauty trick doesn't have to be sexy or expensive to have a big impact. The little things we do matter. Here are ten beauty habits people take for granted and are totally underrated.

1. Applying plain-old coconut oil as body lotion: Apply generously all over and then just pat dry. You can reapply to very dry areas and even put socks on after applying to heels and feet.

2. Exfoliating regularly and thoroughly: Exfoliating is key, otherwise you are putting creams and lotion on dead skin and it cant do its job.

3. Exfoliating your lips too: When brushing your teeth, you could run your toothbrush over your lips a few times gently to exfoliate.

4. Using petroleum jelly: Applying Vaseline on the lips before going to bed, always leaves them looking fully moisturized in the morning.

5. Putting on hand lotion before bed: It's so hard to remember/muster the energy when you're tired, but doing this makes so much more of a difference when it gets to stay on there for a while vs. being rinsed away the next time you wash your hands.

6. Using the cool button on the blow-dryer: A minute or two of cooler air really does set your blowout and cut down on frizziness.

7. Filing your nails daily: I don't know about you, but I never bother unless a nail chips, catches on my clothing, or is annoyingly uneven. But taking a few seconds to file the free edge of the nail each day is one of the best ways to prevent those chips and catches to begin with.

8. Mixing makeup and moisturizer: Add a couple drops of liquid bronzer to your moisturizer. Can't find tinted moisturizer in the right shade for you? Add liquid foundation to moisturizer. Somehow anything looks better when it's mixed with moisturizer!

9. Scrubbing your feet: You have to pumice your feet like daily. Sandals and crusty feet are never cute. Use the stone to scrub your feet so they can look nice and cute.

10. Chilling out: I think taking 20 minutes for yourself each day is the most underrated one. You should make time out for yourself on a daily basis.

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