Dana Crash: Black Box Burnt, No Data Recovered – AIB 4 years ago 1

The cause of the engine failure that resulted in the crash of Dana Air on June 3 may not be determined as the Accident Investigation Bureau in its preliminary report released on Thursday said no data could be recovered from the Flight Data Recorder, a major component of the black box, due to post-crash fire.

The Commissioner, AIB, Captain Muktar Usman, said the digital tape-based memory in the FDR succumbed to the post-crash fire, melted and prevented the recovery of data.

He, however, said that the Cockpit Voice Recorder, which is solid-based, contained 31 minutes of recordings of the last conversation between the flight crew and the control tower.

The report read in part, “The two flight recorders, the Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Flight Data Recorder were analysed at the facilities of the National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC, USA.

“The solid state-based memory in the CVR was in good condition and retained 31 minutes of audio information. The digital tape-based memory in the FDR succumbed to the post-crash fire and melted, consequently no data could be recovered.”

Although the AIB boss said investigation was still ongoing, aviation experts doubted if any meaningful information could come out of the final report since the FDR was already destroyed. Home Page

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