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MASSOB Accuses Abia Govt in Lie about Roads' Condition

MASSOB Accuses Abia Govt in Lie about Roads' Condition

The Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has invoked the wrath of God on Abia State Government officials who lie and deceive the public about the state of roads in commercial town Aba.

After a live TV programme, where former Abia State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Eze Chikamnanyo, stated that most roads in Aba, including Ngwa, had been rehabilitated by the state government, MASSOB said the statement was ridiculous and untrue.

Mr. Sunny Okereafor, MASSOB Director of Information, Aba region, said that based on the former commissioner’s claim, his organization had assessed the roads and found out that it was false and deceitful, adding that the residents are living in squalor.

Mr. Okereafor described as baffling, the rate at which government officials allegedly dish out lies, especially on the state of roads in the city, which it said were in terrible condition.

He stated, “which of the roads in Aba do we take for good in the real sense? Are they Ohanku, Ngwa, Ikot Ekpene, Port Harcourt or Faulks, which leads to Ariaria International Market, all of which were claimed to have been rehabilitated? Who is fooling who?

“We know that some of these officials and agents either want to remain in their posts or be re-appointed. Inasmuch as there was nothing wrong in that, it should not be achieved through barefaced lies and at the expense of the suffering masses.

“People should come to Aba and see the roads somebody went on television to tell the world they had been rehabilitated. This is mere deceit. Take Ngwa Road, for instance. That road is not only impassable, but people there are living in squalor.

“If these government officials and agents think they can go ahead telling lies and deceiving people, the wrath of God, which we have invoked, is awaiting them and there is no escape route,” MASSOB said.

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