Top Five Tips To Be The Man Of Her Dreams

Top Five Tips To Be The Man Of Her Dreams

Women are not looking for the perfect man, they know that is impossible to find. Instead, they are looking for a guy who meets their needs and knows when to listen.

Top Five Tips To Be The Man Of Her Dreams

Even though women have different standards and criteria when it comes to choosing the right guy for them, there are some simple yet effective tips that can increase your chances of seducing the woman you like. If you want to impress a woman but you do not know where to start from, in this article you will find the top 5 ways to be the man of her dreams.

1. Respect

Show respect before expecting it. This is one of the most important rules and you need to be respectful and caring towards the woman you love. Lack of respect is one of the most common causes why couples break up these days, therefore do not neglect your significant other and make sure you are there for her whenever she needs you. Be reliable, learn how to listen more than you speak and never make her feel inferior to you in any way – you’re living in the 21st century!

2. Originality

Be true to who you are. Do not try to be something you are not just to impress the one you love – she will eventually figure that out and she won’t be very impressed. Besides, women appreciate original, natural men a lot more than men who are struggling to impress them. Also, be responsible and act maturely since women love trustworthy guys. Be yourself, but in the same time be unique and try to stand out from the crowd;

3. Appreciate

Be aware of the qualities women appreciate the most and do your best not to disappoint the girl you like. In the end, you know what they say: trust is like a mirror, and once it is broken you can never look at it the same again. All women are looking for a reliable, honest man who understands them and makes them feel special. Honesty is undoubtedly the most important quality a man should have. Even if you look stunning and you attract women like a magnet, no girl will be interested in having a long-term relationship with you if you are not completely honest with them. Intelligence, sense of humour and loyalty are three other important qualities that should not be neglected either. Also, in order to be the man of her dreams, you need to be able to protect her, since women love men who can be strong and protective, yet gentle and sensitive at the same time;

4. Surprise Her

Take her by surprise! Girls like to be taken by surprise, so send her a text message from time to time or show up at her doorstep with some flowers and chocolate. You do not need a reason to make your girl feel special, you can do that every day. Kiss her all of a sudden or take her to a fine restaurant once in a while, and she will definitely like you more than before. On the other hand, do not overdo it otherwise you may leave the impression that you are desperate, and women are certainly not fond of desperate men!

5. Acknowledge

Always remind her how important she is to you. Even though your girl may already know it, she will certainly like to be reminded that from time to time. Also, ask her if she would like to visit your family. This way, she can be sure that your intentions are genuine. Introduce her to your friends and take on an activity with her, such as hiking or tennis. Never let her feel neglected or ignored, otherwise you will lose her. Generally speaking, women are more willing to commit, this is why your girl will be pleasantly surprised when  finds out you want to introduce her to your friends and family.


To summarize, these are the top 5 ways to be the man of her dreams. Women are not hard to please, as long as you pay attention to their needs. Putting it in a nutshell, you need to respect and appreciate your girl, show her how special she is and make sure to be a good listener. If you take these simple tips into account, you are very likely to become the “knight in shining armor” and enjoy her love and attention in the long run.

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