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Ask Naij: "I'm In Love With My Brother"

Ask Naij: "I'm In Love With My Brother"

Please help me resolve this problem I am having with my mother’s eldest son.

She gave birth to him long before she met and married my father.

We didn’t grow up together because his father took him from my mother when he was still young. He didn’t even allow him come visit my mother. But he decided to come when his father died. From all indices, he is well-to-do. 

Right from the very first day I met him, I fell in love with him. I want him like I have never desired any man. I have tried to control my emotions but the more I try, the harder it becomes for me to stop my feelings for him.

He recently came to our mother to introduce the woman he intends to marry. I hate her with a passion because she has what belongs to me.

How do I get him to love me and forget about the woman in his life? Although some of my friends say what I feel for him isn’t permitted but we don’t have the same father which means I can marry him, isn’t it?

Please tell me it is right for me to pursue him; that I can marry him. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man. On account of what I feel for him, I terminated my relationship with my former boyfriend. 

Another thing is how do I go about presenting my desire to him?

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