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Save Your Children From The Bandwagon

Save Your Children From The Bandwagon

Save Your Children From The Bandwagon

In Nigeria of today, most parents take delight in introducing their children to ostentatious lifestyle. They will rather show the children how to spend money, how to demand both what they need and what they don’t need with unparalleled arrogance.

In their minds, the best way they can show the children that they care is by indulging them in all excesses. The thinking of many parents is that these children’s right should not be debased or they cannot learn anything yet. They forget that what we show children and what they observe us do stay longer with them than what we sit them down to teach them.

The outcome of the misplaced priorities is what we are daily confronted with in the attitudes, behaviours and manners of today’s Nigerian youths and the socio-economic situation we consciously established for ourselves in this country where the youths want to ‘hammer’ as quickly as they can, not giving a hoot if they scam even their parents; a country where millions of able-bodied working class cannot find work to do and they are busy roaming the streets to look for who will employ them.

Since children, no matter their age, have the capacity to spend money and at particular age they begin to demand for money, it behoves on parents to show their children at tender ages how to save money. When they grow up with this mindset, it will become a natural habit in them.

The starting point in the development of entrepreneurial skills is a knack for money saving. It is when you have money to play with that productive ideas can begin to play in your head. One of the sure strategies to tackle youth unemployment challenges is for parents to consciously choose to help their own children not to join the millions that are looking for who will employ them by helping them move from job seekers to become job providers.

In this piece, I will advocate and show how parents can turn their children to millionaires in their teenage years with ease. My take here is that if children have good money of their own before they become graduates and entrepreneurial spirit is already established in them, the chance is there that good percentage of the young graduates will start businesses of their own instead of looking for who will employ them.

I developed the table on how to turn children to millionaires eight years ago and I still find it instructive to share the process with as many people as possible today. The question that agitates the mind is: At what ages do you see your children become first degree graduates and who should they be when they graduate? Our objective is to break the cycle of financial paucity that has held many families bound that keep them roiling in poverty.

The target parents need to set here is that each of their children should become millionaire before they are twenty years old. This is very possible to achieve – without sweat. The ingredients you need to make it happen is proper application of knowledge, determination, focus, commitment, good use of time, active involvement of the children, understanding, intelligence and experience.

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