10 Mistakes Committed by Single Women When Dealing with Men

10 Mistakes Committed by Single Women When Dealing with Men

There are three general causes of why women are single: by their own choice, haven't found a match or because of their own mistakes.

10 Mistakes Committed by Single Women When Dealing with Men

No problem with the first and the second, but the third could be a problem for your love life. Mistakes when being single are often not realized. You feel that you've wasted too much time, effort, and money to find a guy as your life partner but you still don't know why your love life couldn't go smoothly. Here are 10 mistakes committed by single women when dealing with men:

1. Being too easy to love

Women who are too quick to fall in love with men who they don't know well, tend to have relationships that don't last long. It is because they don't evaluate the men first, deserve them or not. Furthermore, because some women are too desperate to find the right men, they become too easy to get. In the end, men will have less respect for them and you know what, it makes them stand in a weak position, easy to be intimidated and threatened.

2. Being too picky

Like when you're choosing clothes at a shopping centre, you have a hard time choosing clothes that you like. You go to a store and find a nice dress, but you prefer to go to other stores because you think you will find a better dress. In the end, you've just wasted a lot of your time but still can't decide which one to buy. Likewise, when you're choosing a man, you find a man who makes you comfortable, but you prefer to wait because you think there will be a better man who knocks on your door. And the final result, you don't get anyone...

3. Being too cool

You're attracted to a man who approach you, but you don't give a signal that you're attracted. Usually it makes a man step back slowly for fear of bothering you or getting bad reaction from you.

4. Don't need a man

You may have bad experiences with men and it makes you say, "I don't need a man!". Of course if you don't regard every man is unique, then you will be a single woman for entire life. It's true that your happiness doesn't depend on others, but if you want to have a life partner, you have to start changing the way you think.

5. Don't care about appearance

For men, a woman's appearance is an important assessment. Wearing a bad dress when attending a party or hanging out with friends, messy hair, being over or under weight, will give a bad impression on men. Don't always say "Don't judge a book by its cover" as an excuse, because the book cover remains an important factor to increase sales, right?

6. Talking bad about men

In the era of social media like Facebook and Twitter, many women write something bad about men in their pages. They don't realize if social media is seen by many people. This habit will backfire against them and make men stay away from them.

7. Setting standards too high

It's legitimate to set criteria for a guy, but if you set it too high such as he has to be a famous man, a wealthy man, or has to own a company when you yourself are just an ordinary woman. Then you will have trouble finding a man who meet the criteria.

8. Talking bad about ex

You always bring up bad things about your ex. It will make him think you are immature, haven't been able to forget your past relationship and not ready to develop a new relationship.

9. Mingling with female friends constantly

If you only hang out with your female friends and never spend time with a man, then of course you will find it hard to get a life partner. You need to give men opportunities to know you more closely.

10. Not ready to establish love

You're looking for a man as a life partner but you still too busy with works or still have problems with your past. When you've said that you want to find a man, then you have to free up your time for him and open your heart.

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