Toyota, Honda Account For 42 Percent Of Stolen Cars In 2012

Toyota, Honda Account For 42 Percent Of Stolen Cars In 2012

Toyota, Honda Account For 42 Percent Of Stolen Cars In 2012

Do you own a Toyota or Honda brand of car? Is it insured against theft? If not, you risk losing it to robbers who are now targeting these brands. Statistics reveal that out of the total number of stolen vehicles recovered within Lagos and environs in 2012, about 30.2 percent are Toyota cars. This is followed by Honda and Nissan cars.

Analysts and victims alike, say taking adequate insurance policy, particularly comprehensive motor insurance, will enable one get his or her car replaced by an insurance company, if stolen or damaged by accident. 

With a comprehensive policy, an insurer will handle just about any situation that comes up, whether damage, theft, or animal collision among others.

Figures from the Lagos State Police Command show that out of 1,184 stolen cars recovered from thieves in Lagos and environs in 2012, Toyota of different brands make up 359 while Honda followed with 143 and Nissan 60.

Among the Toyota brands, the Camry saloon version was the most attractive to car snatchers, with 126 recovered from them by the police, while Corolla and Sienna occupied second and third positions with 78 and 52 respectively.

Other Toyota variants such as Avensis, Yaris, and Sport Utility version, Highlander, were not spared either. Fifteen Toyota Highlanders and 18 Avensis and Yaris were also recovered.

Others were the Toyota RAV 4 (8), Carina (6), Sequoia (5), Fore-Runner (5), and Land Cruiser (4). Others were: Prado Jeep (3), Celica (3), Coaster (3), Previa (2), Sukura (2), Funtan Jeep (1), Touring (1) and Tacoma 1.

For Honda brands, the salon version of Honda Accord appeared to be the most attractive, with a total of 104 stolen. Other variants stolen included CRV (9), Civic (7), Pilot (6), Odyssey (6), Baby Boy (3), Bull Dog (3) and City (1).

For the Nissan brands, the robbers snatched Murano Jeeps, with 12 recovered; while Pathfinder and Sunny versions recorded nine each. Others were Primera (8), Maxima (5), Altima (3), Almera (3), Xterra (2); while other variants like the X-Trail, Quest, Laurel, Bluebird, Sentra, Spera, Pick-up were also on the list.

The remaining 622 of the cars are from 20 other automobile brands and models.

Ernest Ugochukwu, who uses a Toyota Corolla, said most people go for Toyota brand of cars because of their services benefits, including fuel efficiency, availability of spare parts, second hand value and availability of mechanics.

According to Ugochukwu, most Toyota Brands are durable and cheaper to maintain, compared with other non Japanese vehicles.

Sunday Thomas, director-general, Nigerian Insurance Association (NIA) told Business Day in a telephone interview that insurance is a good bet for every vehicle owner, as it gives peace of mind and enables the owner get a replacement.

He said though the industry does not currently have adequate data on the brands of vehicles being insured the most, they were working with the Nigeria Police to have adequate data of recovered vehicles, as well as reconcile their insurance claims. 

“This will enable us recoup monies paid as claims on recovered vehicles.”

According to Thomas, the industry is looking forward to a time when the about ten million vehicles registered in Nigeria will be insured, even if it’s only the motor third party insurance.

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