How To Spend Less On Car Maintenance

How To Spend Less On Car Maintenance

How To Spend Less On Car Maintenance

A car that is not properly maintained will not last long for the owner. Cars deteriorate faster when they are not given adequate maintenance. The following tips are simple ways to maintain your car, according to automobile dealers and mechanics.

By Ademola Alawiye

Drive carefully

Experts say when you drive, do your car a favour by driving gently. Common sense will tell the driver that he is not just doing the car a favour but himself and occupants of the car whenever he drives carefully.

Experts advise that you think of your car like your own body. By driving carefully, they note that the driver should accelerate slowly, not snapping his head back. They note that driving carefully means anticipating your braking so you can brake gently and avoid panic stops. They note that if it’s below cold outside, the driver should allow the car a minute or so to warm up before driving it hard.

They note that he should then drive slowly for a few minutes, until the engine oil has warmed up and started to fully lubricate all the components of the car. For new cars, experts say the car owner should follow the break-in recommendations in the owner’s manual. They note that it is advisable to change your car’s oil after the car has covered its inaugural 1,000 miles when used.

Change vital fluids, oil especially

It is important to change your car’s fluids during regular service intervals. Experts say car fluids degrade when they are driven as well as when they are packed. They note that each fluid in a car is vital to the long-term health of the engine, transmission, steering or brakes. They note that simply keeping the fluids topped off is not always okay for proper car maintenance. This is because over time they lose important properties. The properties that can be lost include the ability of the oil to remove heat and lubricate, as well as the ability to prevent rust and freezing in your car.

Some of the fluids in cars include transmission, differential, brake and power-steering fluid and engine oil. Other fluids like the windshield washer fluids, experts say are not too important in a car

According to experts, regular transmission and differential fluid changes are often overlooked, but this service is very important. Automobile dealers say you should follow recommendations of the manufacturer when changing your car fluids. They note that you should adopt the time duration prescribed by the manufacturer. According to experts, fresh, clean transmission fluid assures that your car’s drive-train stays cool and uncontaminated.

Fix faults as soon as possible

Experts say when you identify a small problem with your car, get it checked out sooner rather than later. Delay getting it that simple problem fixed, though, and you will eventually end up by the side of the road, unable to drive and forced to seek the help of tow vans to take your car home, experts say. There are many problems that start small but develop into much bigger faults if they are not addressed right away.

Experts say that you make sure your car is safe to drive. They note that if you have any doubts about such things as brakes, brake lines, ball joints, tie rods, airbags, seat belts or even the structural integrity of your car, get it checked out.

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