"I Am A Disgrace"- Says Mother Who Had A Threesome After Killing Her Six Children

"I Am A Disgrace"- Says Mother Who Had A Threesome After Killing Her Six Children

A mother accused of killing her six children in a house fire admitted to a jury she was a ‘disgrace’ yesterday for taking part in a threesome with her husband and his friend following the fatal blaze.

Mairead Philpott, 31, claimed she took part in the sordid sex session to keep her husband Michael, 56, who has fathered 17 children with a string of women, happy.

Following the fire, Mrs Philpott was secretly recorded by police having sex with forklift truck driver Paul Mosley, 45, at a hotel as her husband watched.

Her barrister Sean Smith QC asked ‘what on earth’ she was doing in a threesome so soon after losing her children, Mrs Philpott replied: ‘Mick wanted me to do it. My mind was elsewhere. My mind was with the children.’

"I Am A Disgrace"- Says Mother Who Had A Threesome After Killing Her Six Children

She added: ‘I am a disgrace.’

Mrs Philpott said she had had threesomes on ‘three or four occasions’ before the blaze with her husband and the couple’s co-defendant Mosley, Philpott’s ‘best friend’.

She also told the court how the wages from her hospital cleaning job and benefits were paid into her husband’s bank account – and how ‘there would be trouble’ if she accessed it without asking his permission. The court has previously heard that as well as her money, Philpott also harvested the benefits of his then live-in mistress, Lisa Willis, 29.

Miss Willis acted as chief bridesmaid at the couple’s marriage in May 2003, the court heard, while pregnant with her first child by Philpott.

The Philpotts and Mosley are accused of starting the fire last May to frame Miss Willis after she walked out of the council home three months earlier, taking the five children she raised with Philpott with her.

During more than three hours on the witness stand, Mrs Philpott described each of her own children’s personalities to the jury.

She said Duwayne, 13, was ‘quiet and caring’, while Jade, ten, was her ‘little princess’. Jack, nine, was her ‘blue-eyed little boy’, Jesse, six, was her ‘little Irish stamper’, while Jayden, five, was her ‘miracle baby’ because he was born six weeks premature.

The court heard that in the hours before the fire, she had sex with her husband three times, including one session on the couple’s snooker table which also involved ‘full sex’.

She told the court they woke to the sound of the fire alarm. Flames ‘gushed’ towards them when Philpott opened the lounge door to investigate.

She admitted that dogging sessions – where the couple had sex in a  public place as others watched – in the six months before the fatal blaze were her idea, although she said her husband encouraged it.

The court was told she had been abused by a relative as a child, raped while on holiday and physically assaulted by a boyfriend before she met Philpott at a pub darts match in around 2000.

She told the court she considered Philpott her ‘guardian angel’ at the time because he made her feel ‘loved and protected’. Asked why she had tolerated him taking a mistress, she said she was ‘scared of losing my family’.

But after Miss Willis moved into the property, the trio lived as a big ‘happy family’ with their growing brood all fathered by Philpott.

Deadly blaze: Philpott surrounded by the six children whose lives were claimed by the fatal house fire

Mrs Philpott denied all involvement in starting the fire and also denied seeing her husband or Mosley do anything to trigger the blaze.

She was asked by Mr Smith if she did ‘anything whatsoever to harm her children’ and replied ‘no’.

Under cross-examination from Anthony Orchard QC, defending Philpott, it was put to her that she was ‘able to say “no” to Mick’.

She replied: ‘Not all the time, no.’

The Philpotts and Mosley deny six counts of manslaughter.

The case continues.

Source: Naij.com

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