Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "My Wife Cannot Satisfy Me Sexually"

I am married with three children and living in Europe.

My wife is from my town; I love her and my children so much and try my best to see that they lack nothing. The problem I am having with her is her inability to satisfy me sexually. She hates anything that will disturb her sleep. I sleep in the children room because she complains I snore and disturbs her sleep.

I only go inside our room when we want to have sex after which I go back to children’s room. I dare not wake her up for sex no matter how aroused I am because she will definitely turn me down with nagging. Sometimes, she insists we have sex only once in a week because she doesn’t want her female anatomy to expand.

This is a woman who delivered all her children through Cesarean Section (CS) because her pelvis is too small to allow for normal birth. Secondly, I wonder who she wants to preserve herself for? I don’t want to have an affair outside my marriage but she is pushing me by her attitude to do other wise.

I always tell her the implications of what she is doing but I don’t know her reason for all her behaviour.

Please advice me before our marriage is destroyed.

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