Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "I Want To Die Because I'm Ugly"

I am frustrated, unhappy and inclined towards suicide.

Right from the beginning of my life, classmates and so called friends have called me ugly. Not even my siblings want to be seen with me because of my looks. The only people who are my friends, are my parents and two of my childhood friends who never joined all the others to pronounce me ugly.

Throughout my university days, I didn’t have any serious date. The few that came my way, I ignored because I knew they wanted my body. There was one, a very popular boy then who wanted to be my friend. I knew he just wanted to mock me like most boys back then so I drove him away.

I am 29 years now. My younger sister, my chief tormentor got married two years ago; the one following her got married two Saturdays ago. I want everything a young woman wants but I have no man in my life because I am too ugly. My ugliness drove me into eating junks just to be happy.

Now I have also added a lot of weight. I want to be happy. My life is miserable that I feel ending it all would be a good solution. Sometimes I wonder why God created me this way. Why are others pleasing to the eyes and I not? I am not supposed to be his image? He isn’t ugly so why did he create me ugly?

It hurts when my sisters and their friends gossip about my looks behind me. Even though my mother and the few friends keep telling me I am beautiful, that I have a good heart, the best smile, eyes and manner, I know they are trying to make me happy. I just want someone to talk to and I know you have a compassionate heart through your replies to problems people share with you.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you.


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