Warri Wolves Take Mba’s Case To Zurich

Warri Wolves Take Mba’s Case To Zurich

Chairman of Delta State Sport Commission, Amaju Pinnick has said they have concluded plans to take the tussle over Sunday Mba and other clubs to the FIFA headquarters in Zurich if the NFF rules otherwise. He said this is because the player still remains Warri Wolves’ player as far as the NFF and NPFL constitution are concerned.

Warri Wolves Take Mba’s Case To Zurich

Amaju that it is impossible for a club to wake up one morning and announce that a particular player was its player without any single document to back that up adding that it is not about Sunday Mba but about the future of football in the country. “How can you send a letter in an error?

When they showed Rangers officials the letter of clearance they brought they agreed saying it was provisional which means to them that it was a lone arrangement. But under section 10 in the statutes, you cannot put a server clause on subsequent transfer clause under a lone arrangement and all what they are trying to raise were tactically and statutory punctured.

“I can tell you that I don’t see anything else than to say on Sunday Mba whether to go to Warri Wolves or not but I keep saying this; it is not about Sunday Mba but about the future of football in Nigeria because you can’t just wake up one morning and say this is your player without any single document.

Rangers international officials were brandishing a document that Sunday Mba, signed the contract that started from 2006 to 2013; a 6-year contract and I also pointed it to them that in Fifa statutes you cannot even sign more than 5 years. Aside that, Mba has a contract with us (Warri Wolves) for 2 years and also captured in the license is that this same Mba played against Rangers four times last season, home and away; then they did not raise any dust. If you look at it, Rangers is just trying to bully Warri Wolves and I keep telling them, why did you go and bring a learned SAN?

If you want to get the best to protect you it means you know that you have done what is fundamentally wrong. “What I expect Rangers to do is to go cap in hand and appeal to Warri Wolves because if Warri Wolves decide to take this case up it will be more dangerous than their thinking. It is a very serious offense. Please check the statutes; article17.3, 16 and 17.5, shows it is a very serious offense.

Three points and 3 goals were taken from Sudan and given to Zambia because of fielding an ineligible player. It is pathetic that people could doctor documents and so desperate as to fabricate documents. When asked about the documents sent to Warri Wolves requesting for Mba’s services, Rangers officials said the document was sent in error. How can you send a document in error?

You can see that everything is just out of desperation because they did not have any valid document to present.” Pinick hinted that if the special panel set up by the Nigeria Football Federation to resolve the ownership of Mba between Warri Wolves and Rangers of Enugu refuse to make a public announcement in favour of Warri Wolves, they will take it to Fifa.

He said that the club has already secured the services of some international football lawyers in readiness for the case in Zurich if alleged underground moves by officials of Rangers to lobby high placed politicians and lawmakers in Abuja to arm twist the NFF to doctor the panel report is carried out.

“We got a report that Rangers officials and top government officials in Enugu are moving from house of one lawmaker to another in Abuja over the issue on ground and we won’t tolerate them to have their way over this issue and if by this week the panel does not come up with a report that is favourable then we will move to Fifa headquarter in Zurich.”

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