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Ask Naij: She Pushed Me Out And Took Over My Home

Ask Naij: She Pushed Me Out And Took Over My Home

Please help me deliver my marriage from the claws of this desperate woman that has taken over my husband and marriage. The woman happens to be my former friend.

She was the one I turned to when I was having challenges in my marriage. She was the one who told me how to put my husband in check by taking me to see her pastor who gave me a substance to put in my husband’s food. She was also the one who told me to deny my husband sex, refuse to accept the amount he was giving me as house-keeping money with the argument that it was too small for me to do anything tangible with; who taught me how to wear clothes my husband didn’t like. She was the one who also taught me how to lie to my husband to enable me attend parties organized by her and friends.

There was nothing I didn’t tell her about my marriage. Since she claimed her husband and children were abroad, I believed everything she told me to do. The last straw that sent me packing out of the house was when my husband in livid annoyance slapped me for lying to him about my whereabouts. I had accompanied this friend of mine to a party and we stayed so late. I didn’t know my husband was back from his trip.

When I got home, rather than apologise to him, I instead told him off; with the argument that if he can afford to keep late nights so can I. Anger made him to slap me and I didn’t hesitate to reply with a slap of my own. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep inside the house that night. He threw me out. I called my friend to inform her of the development and told her I was coming over to her house. She told me she wasn’t at home; that I should go over to my parents whose house was at Ibafo.

I didn’t understand what was happening until some few months later after she kept rejecting my calls that I heard she has packed into my home.

According to my house-help who traced my parents house, my friend came to see my husband the next morning with the story that I went to see one of my numerous boyfriends and that she was fed up with advising me against my kinds of friends and lifestyle.

I learnt she also told my husband that she didn’t allow me come to her house because I am not the kind of friend she wanted to be known with. I was told she never went back to her house after that night which explained why she kept rejecting my calls and the reason my husband never bothered to come to see me and our two children despite my father and his people pleas.

I am perplexed because I need my husband more than ever before. I know she used charms to trap my husband but how can I make him believe me? I tried going to his office but he has left instruction that I never be allowed in. His friends, I contacted, he fought them all.

Please, I love my husband very much. What should I do?

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