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Ask Naij: "I Am 14-Years-Old And I Don't Know Who The Father Of My Baby Is"

I am 14 years of age. I got deflowered by one of my classmates during an inter-house sports competition in the school.

Although it was painful in the beginning but I ended up enjoying it. Since then, it has become a routine between us. Recently, another boy came to our school; from the first day, I set my eyes on him, I felt something deep inside of me for him prompting me to ask him out. I allowed him to sleep with me on that day. It was so much fun and excitement that I decided that I wanted him more than my former boyfriend.

This led to the two of them fighting and would have become a scandal if my second boyfriend didn’t walk away. Although my first boyfriend is hell bent on continuing with me, so much so, he forced himself on me two weeks ago; it isn’t as much of a problem.

Here's the one I want you to help me with. I think I am pregnant. I haven’t seen my monthly flow which was supposed to come since last week. The funny thing is, I don’t know who among them has it. I am wondering if you can help me since I had my last period, on June 1st. As at that time, I was having sex intermittently with the two of them since my first boyfriend was still adamant.

I only stopped about two weeks ago after which he forced himself on me. I don’t know what to do nor do I have the money to terminate the pregnancy. We are starting our promotional examinations to SSS 3, this month.

My father is a pastor while my mother is the head of the women in our church. Please can you help suggest where I can go? My friend has already given me some herbal solutions to take but I haven’t since I am afraid of the look of the thing she brought.

Telling my parents is also out of it. They are too strict and uncompromising. My father really doesn’t have any time for us as his children while my mother is always busy trying to please her husband. The truth is, I am desperate enough to do anything including dying if possible. 

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