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Migrating Abroad? What You Should Know

Migrating Abroad? What You Should Know

Migrating Abroad? What You Should Know

It is important to note that residing abroad comes with lots of uncertainties and as such, Nigerians who intend to migrate to choice countries for diverse purposes are promptly advised to plan well ahead of time, putting into consideration, some of the merits and demerits behind migration.

It has often been said that a large number Nigerians engage in demeaning jobs abroad, placed under stricter laws in countries they have migrated to, and also constitute the highest number of individuals found in foreign prisons. Nigerians should, however, welcome the fact that they are generally known to be hard working and efficient individuals who can surmount various forms of pressures to bring about a better and prosperous Nigeria.

Herein, prior to their planned trip, intending Nigerian immigrants should endeavour to update themselves with a few primary knowledge concerning the people, culture, climate condition, rules and regulations in Canada, as to which the citizens and migrants must abide. It is important also to note that while usual courtesies are observed in Canada, the country is known to be conservative, good, and uptight in nature.

Applicants must, however, familiarize themselves with these facts for a better cordial relationship with the Canadians. Generally Canadians condemn presentation of gifts, mostly, in business settings, as such act(s) are unusual, considered unethical and in real sense, treated suspiciously.

Unlike the culture of attaching bourgeois titles to peoples names, both at formal or informal situations here in Nigeria, it is common to address superiors, co-workers, friends, and so on, by their first names in Canada, as they often appreciate getting right to the point. Canada has immense natural resources with a high standard of living, although, the country unfortunately, is now suffering housing ripples, as prices of houses have rocketed.

Communication is one of the vital aspects of life and in view of this, Nigeria immigrants are promptly advised to ensure that they keep in touch back home, as well as with the Nigeria embassy in the country where they have migrated to. Although, it may appear difficult when trying to penetrate through certain situation(s), the point remains that it will be to the advantage of the immigrant when he or she, at point of entry, immediately register his/her presence and itineraries with the Nigerian embassy in the country of resident.

In these days and time where public telephones are becoming harder to find, due to the growing popularity of mobile phones, migrants are better off subscribed to telephone companies that offer reduced long-distance call rates, and or make use of telephone cards that are readily made available at reduced cost. It definitely would be pretty expensive for a migrant to subscribe to any form of mobile phone roaming agreements with any international mobile phone companies, because of its high rate. The coverage may be near perfect in major urban areas, but it is good you understand that it is almost always spotty in remote locations, and very high to maintain, in terms of agreement rate(s). Subsequently, internet services are also made available throughout Canada, as are internet cafes.

You can often find pay-per-use Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, fast-food outlets and airports, and in some cases it is rendered free, as long as you buy food or a drink. Although, you can also find free public Wi-Fi in public libraries and in some hotels, some others continue to charge exorbitant daily fees on users.

As you are considering migrating to Canada, it is important to note, if you are under the category of individuals who enjoy winter sports that the best time to travel would be between the month of December and April. And if you love the great outdoors without the snow, then you have to consider travelling between the month of May and September.

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