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Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "My Lying Girlfriend Conned Me Into Thinking I Am The Father Of Her Baby"

I’m 23 and my girlfriend is 21.

We got together when I was in secondary school and stayed together through my A levels and the first year of my degree.

We broke up when she felt I was spending too many weekends at university.

I started getting texts and emails from her family out of the blue two years ago, telling me she was unhappy without me. I made contact with her again and suggested we have a catch-up drink when I was next home.

On our date, we talked about what had gone wrong, and we both admitted seeing and sleeping with other people since our break-up.

I didn’t think we’d ever get back together but then she messaged me asking “Can we meet again?” So we did - only this time, we had sex.

Two weeks later she turns up at my door and says she’s pregnant. I still loved her so we got back together and she later gave birth to a baby boy.

I recently decided to propose but I wanted some reassurance that my son was mine because of all the banter I was getting from my friends. I bought an online test and the results showed I’m not his dad.

I confronted my girlfriend who admitted that the father was somebody she had a one-night stand with a month or so before we got back together.

I love her but she lied to me and it’s ripped me apart. Do I walk away or carry on raising the child I love? My name is on the birth certificate.

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