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Anne Hathaway Suffers Nipple Confusion

Anne Hathaway Suffers Nipple Confusion

The 2013 Oscars were a night filled with talented nominees, emotionally moving films, breathtaking starlets and some slightly embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

The most notable malfunction was awarded to Anne Hathaway and her pale, pink Prada dress. It had most TV viewers mistaking her nipples for deadly weapons hidden under her clothing. Unfortunately for Anne Hathaway, the seams of this specific dress seemed to gather at a most unfortunate spot.

Anne Hathaway Suffers Nipple Confusion

It was not her beautifully made up face or thin figure that was emphasized. It is certain that no one, including thousands of twitter followers, were able to take their eyes away from Anne Hathaway’s ‘nipples.’ Not even winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress could distract audiences from the “party hat” involuntarily given to her bosom.

Endless jokes were made about the look on twitter. Anne Hathaway’s nipples even ended up with their own twitter account, reminding all of their followers how chilly it was that night at the Oscar awards. Many viewers of the award show were wondering how such a successful actress could possibly leave her mansion without being aware her attire for the night had gone horribly, horribly wrong. The truth is that Anne Hathaway had not planned to wear the dress at all. Instead, she had intended on wearing a gown from the fashion house of her good friend Valentino.

But those plans went awry when Hathaway heard that her Les Miserablés co-star, Amanda Seyfried, would be wearing an eerily similar Alexander McQueen gown to the Oscars. It can be said without doubt that Anne Hathaway did an excellent job distinguishing herself from Seyfried. She did so well as to land herself at the top of just about every “Worst Dressed List” published in an American magazine.

Unfortunately for Hathaway, this wardrobe malfunction was not the first of 2013. In fact, it was about her fourth. She also suffered from unfortunate circumstances at the SAG Awards, the Critic’s Choice Awards, the BAFTA’s and at the premiere for the film in which her performance won an Oscar. That is a lot of bad luck to be encountered before St. Patrick’s Day.

Let’s hope that Anne Hathaway chooses more wisely for her next formal appearance. A dress rehearsal might be a good solution to Hathaway’s series of award show disasters, or perhaps a nice pants suit. At the end of the day, at least she has her talent to fall back on.

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