Relocate Now, Lagos Advises Residents Of Low-Lying Areas

Relocate Now, Lagos Advises Residents Of Low-Lying Areas

Following vulnerability which residents in low-lying or flood prone areas of Lagos face during rainy seasons, the Lagos State Government at the weekend advised them to start thinking of alternative accommodation.

According to the government, the relocation order has become imperative due to this year’s seasonal rainfall prediction which implies that lives and property of the residents are in danger.

The State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello who gave the advice at the presentation  of the 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction, SRP and its socio-economic implication for Lagosstate, said residents in low-lying areas where water from upstream passes through whenever it rains are highly vulnerable.

Rainfall, according to the predictions,  will commence in Lagos between the first and second week of March, with a margin of error of three days as probable onset dates. Bello pointed out that this prediction has been further confirmed with the rains which came in torrents on penultimate Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The 2013 rainfall is expected to end on December 17th , with a margin of error of four days which is between 13th  and 21st  December.

“From the year 2013 seasonal rainfall predictions, Lagos State shall experience a rainy season of about 249-275 days with intermittent stoppage in February and August.

The magnitude of Lagos seasonal rainfall prediction for this year is that Lagos will experience heavy rainfall of high intensity, with thunderstorm just like last year. Lagos is expected to record 1722mm with marginal error of between 21 and 179mm.

Heavy thunderstorm has been predicted to occur during the rainy period of June, July, August, September and October, “ he said.

Continuing, Bello said:“Lagos like other coastal cities of the world is prone to flooding, and several global occurrences can attest to this. However, we commenced our de-flooding programme at the end of last year’s rainy season.

We intend to sustain and strengthen last year’s strategy which is predicated on Pre-Rain, Mid-Rain and Post-Rain programmes of the government which include anticipation, monitoring and clearing as well as cleaning of our drainage channels and canals across the state.


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