Oil Thieves Fight Aig – Imoukhuede Over Subsidy Reports 4 years ago 9

The powerful oil marketers in the country who have been indicted in the report of the House of Reps Ad-Hoc Committee probe panel on the fuel subsidy management are really fighting hard to discredit the report.

After falling into a USD3 Million bribe trap which has messed up his image, Hon. Farouk Lawan , the suspended Chairman of the House of Reps Ad-Hoc Committee probe panel left a room for observers and some industry players to question the credibility of the probe exercise..

Three days ago, the media, especially the on-line media and some social networking sites reported that Mr Aig – Imoukhuede’s owns a company called Ice Energy and Petroleum Trading Company Limited with its office at Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja. It was alleged that Ice Energy Petroleum Trading Company Limited collected USD2, 131,166.32 (N345. 3 m) in 2011 and did not import petroleum products.

The news took many by surprise and wondered why Aig – Imoukhuede could be allowed to head a Presidential Committee when ‘his own oil company’ is also ‘guilty’ of the offence he is expected to make recommendations.

But facts and documents obtained by us have shown that the Access Bank MD has nothing to do with the oil company and that the oil company was even wrongly included in the Farouk Lawan’s report without any just cause in the first instance.

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