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Nigeria Will Be Listed A Terrorist Nation — Monguno

Nigeria Will Be Listed A Terrorist Nation — Monguno

A security analyst in Borno State, Mr. Hussaini Monguno, says the killing of foreigners by terrorist groups in the Nigeria would get the country listed as terrorist nation.

What are the implications of the killing of the seven foreigners?

Well, I’m yet to confirm the news, but if it is really true, then Nigeria is in big trouble. This is definitely going to more pressure on the Federal Government and more challenge to security agencies.

What do you mean by big trouble? 

The international community was already feeling that Nigerian government was not doing enough to find the hostages. If it now happens that they have actually been killed, then I fear that Nigeria will be classified as a terrorist nation.

How will that classification affect Nigeria?

That means Nigeria will be seen in the same light as countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Eritrea and other countries, that have been designated locations of terrorist organisations. And this means a lot in terms of how Nigerians and Nigeria will be treated.

Do you think this relates in any way to President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to Borno and Yobe states?

Well, this same issue is part of what the President came to find solution to. He held a close-door meeting with the Borno State governor on how they can find these hostages. In fact, government has been trying to negotiate with a particular group, to see if they can get a clue from it on the whereabouts of the hostages. So, if they have been killed, then it is very bad.

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