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Could It Be Signs of Endtime?

Could It Be Signs of Endtime?

Could It Be Signs of Endtime?

In recent times, the western world seems to be engaging the rest of the world in a fierce war to get everyone to buy into the ‘same-sex marriage’ idea. It appears very clearly that they are in a hurry to provoke God’s anger as Sodom and Gomorra did in the Bible days.

 But America, UK and their allies in this treason against God and humanity are conversant with Bible history, I believe, and maybe want to know what God would do. Why is the West in this self-destructive mission?

And why do they want to involve the rest of the world in the satanic agenda? If President Obama wanted to sign the death warrant of the whole of America, maybe we can keep quiet and watch. Even Prime Minister Cameron is at liberty to take the whole of United Kingdom on a suicide mission.

But what is worrisome here is the unrelenting effort to drag the whole world to a battle against the Almighty God. Same-sex marriage is totally senseless, illogical and indeed an aberration. In every part of Africa, it is an abomination with or without the mention of religion.

There is no scarcity of men or women for anybody who wants to marry. God designed in creation that marriage should be a union between a man and a woman and that is what has made procreation possible. It takes positive and negative to supply energy.

The man supplies the sperm that fertilises the eggs in the woman’s ovaries and she conceives and gives birth to a child after nine months and everybody celebrates the joy of the arrival of a new baby. The entire process of procreation is natural and Godly.

America, UK and their allies today choose to see civilisation as a vehicle of confrontation against God. Just a few days ago, it was reported that the Prime Minister Cameron of Britain has boasted he will speak to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria to ensure that Nigeria toes the line of same-sex marriage legalisation.

Apparently, not sure he will be able to persuade President Jonathan to work against the wishes of Nigerians, he decided to adopt intimidation as tool for engagement by coming up with a policy of cash-bond charge of N750,000 for any Nigerian wanting a UK visa to visit the United Kingdom.

I think a constructive dialogue and engagement should have been the right approach looking at it from the human rights point of view. Ostensibly, the concern of President Obama and his brother the Prime Minister Cameron in this matter of same-sex marriage I believe is the respect for human rights and not animal rights.

Therefore, Obama and Cameron should start first by showing leadership to their people, divorcing their wives and then take fellow men as wives or husbands. They should then give us time to observe how such marriages will work with them while at the same time they denounce the children gotten in their previous marriages.

The whole world must know that the agenda behind democratic universalism and its sister, same-sex marriage and the philosophy of the promoters and proponents is to destroy humanity. It is well understood now that the concept of democratic universalism is to relegate God to the background and enthrone humanism.

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