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Drug-user Boyfriend Blows Hot and Cold

Drug-user Boyfriend Blows Hot and Cold

I’m 16, he’s 19 and we’ve been together a year. I knew from the start that he used drugs but I thought he’d stop once he had a good relationship.

How wrong was that? All he thinks and talks about is drugs, and one minute he’s saying he wants to be with me forever, that I’m everything he wants, then the next he’s saying that I’m not the right girl.

He tells me that I’m too full-on and clingy, but he’s always the one who gets in touch with me and asks me to go round to his house. He never comes round to mine.

He tells me how much he is attracted to me then in the next breath he says he doesn’t like the way I look and that I’m an embarrassment.

We have split up loads of times and he’s always the one who calls me and wants me back.

He promised he’d stop taking drugs but he hasn’t. I spend most of my time upset about this and wishing he’d stop before something bad happens.

I don’t want to lose him as a boyfriend but all this is becoming too much.



Don’t accept his random insults. It’s only getting you down and letting him think you’ll carry on taking it. Give it to him straight that you can’t carry on accepting his erratic behaviour and that he will be history if he doesn’t get help.

Hopefully, he’ll see sense but don’t let him drag you down with him.

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