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Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "I Love Her But She Keeps Cheating On Me"

Please treat my problem as very urgent, as your advice would go a long way in helping me make the right choice.

I met this girl online in February. Within a month of our relationship, we met and spent some time together, including having sex in the State where she is serving. To be honest, we love each other. But after the visit, she started complaining that I was not being matured in the way I was acting. She went on to accuse me of being domineering.

Sometime later, she started flirting with different men but she never had sex. She also told me not to trust her much because she shouldn’t be trusted. But there was this particular guy she told me has been persistent in asking her out. Under interrogation, she told me she has kissed him and a week ago, confessed that she had sex with the man.

She confessed all this amid tears. She’s been begging me to forgive her, which I did instantly. But whenever I remember the fact that she cheated on me without protection, I become livid and willing to do anything to revenge just to be even.

Now, I’d be travelling out of the country for about two years, but she has promised never to be anything more than to be a platonic friend to a man. She said she would do anything to make me happy, even if the news of my imminent travel leads her to cheat on me.

Please, what do you think?

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