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Man Beheads Woman, Removes And Sells Her Private Parts

Man Beheads Woman, Removes And Sells Her Private Parts

A man who allegedly slit a woman's throat and ripped her stomach open before removing her private parts and offering them for sale, is today expected to stand trial at the High Court.

The alleged murderer, Lazarus Kurapxi, savagely killed Marble Marufu in a suspected ritual murder case.

According to the State case, Marufu's brutal murder occurred on November 30 2009 at Chisaki Farm in Chinhoyi. The State alleges on the day in question Kurapxi allegedly visited the farm and lured Marufu, who knew him, from Botas Farm ostensibly to accompany him to Lions' Den along Mhangura Road. Along the way it is alleged, Kurapxi diverted Marufu into a bushy area where he produced a pocket knife, grabbed and slit her throat before ripping her stomach open, killing her instantly.

Upon realising she was dead, Kurapxi allegedly chopped Marufu's two fingers from the right hand, two toes from the right foot, her private parts and portions of the inner part of her left knee. Kurapxi then covered the body with tree branches and disappeared from the scene after securing the removed body parts in a plastic bag, it is alleged.

The following day, Kurapxi allegedly proceeded to Mumi Farm near Chinhoyi where he met the farm owner, Deon Bezuidnhout and produced a plastic bag from his pocket telling him he was selling a woman's private parts.

Perturbed by Kurapxi's alleged merchandise, Bezuidnhout informed his foreman Marckriel Chauruka who then called members of the neighbourhood watch committee leading to Kurapxi's arrest.

Upon being interrogated by the police, Kurapxi allegedly led the officers to Chisaki Farm where he showed them Marufu's decomposed body. After visiting the scene of the murder, police recovered a lady's shoe and further observed the body had been mutilated and some parts were missing.

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