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PHOTO: 22-Year-Old Student Caught Stabbing Classmate

PHOTO: 22-Year-Old Student Caught Stabbing Classmate

Shocking CCTV images captured the moment a student brutally plunged a blade into his classmate's stomach and left him for dead - because he claimed his victim had given him 'dodgy looks'.

PHOTO: 22-Year-Old Student Caught Stabbing Classmate

Valentine Cannings, 22, has been jailed for seven years after attacking 17-year-old Kevin Linongi outside Bournville College's campus in Longbridge Lane, Birmingham on October 12 last year.

The images show Cannings viciously stabbing the teenager, resulting in him collapsing in the street.

Seconds later, Cannings, wearing black clothing and a baseball cap, is seen running away from the scene.

The footage also shows college security staff rushing to help the IT student as Cannings lashes out at another student with his knife, who tried to stop him.

Cannings was arrested an hour after the brutal attack near a stream, just metres away from where the attack had taken place.

When interviewed by police, he claimed his victim had given him 'dodgy looks'.

On Friday, Cannings, from Northfield, Birmingham, was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

The court heard Mr Linongi, who was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, suffered huge blood loss and was left in intensive care for two days.

In sentencing Cannings, Recorder Nicholas Dean QC said the victim still bore the physical and mental scars of his ordeal.

He said: 'You had in your possession a weapon.

'You used it just once, but the consequences were almost devastating to Mr Linongi, who received a deep stab wound to the abdomen.

'He suffered severe loss of blood and damage to internal body structure.

'He was in intensive care for two days and in hospital for two weeks. There have been serious medical consequences for him, from which he is only just recovering.'

The attack had left Mr Linongi frightened to go out in public, the judge added.

Lal Amarasinghe, prosecuting, told the court Cannings repeatedly asked Mr Linongi for a fight after what he termed an 'exchange of words'.

He said Cannings appeared to have been staring at the victim earlier that day in the college library.

He was arrested metres away from the college after discarding his knife, baseball cap and gloves, which were later recovered a short distance away.

When police searched Cannings' house later that day, they uncovered a large Gurkha-style hunting knife in a protective sheath.

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