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Is Kim Kardashian Faking Her Pregnancy?

Is Kim Kardashian Faking Her Pregnancy?

Media are starting to think that La Kartrashian might not actually be pregnant at all and her and ’Ye West are doing a Beyoncé/ Jay-Z, or a Katie Holmes/ Tom Cruise style faking it while a surrogate does all the real work and pops a baby out later this year that they’ll pretend is theirs so people stop thinking that Kanyé’s gay and they rake in millions of dollars in the process.

Is Kim Kardashian Faking Her Pregnancy?

The 32-year-old certainly seems to be suffering from an up and down of the baby bump and, given that she’s due in June – which means she’s currently five months pregnant, appears to be having trouble looking anything other than she has done for years when wearing this see-thru top as she left her Los Angeles home yesterday.

Just the other day though, she had the makings of a bump.

And, she’s been happily flying all over the globe since she learned that she was pregnant last November which is generally something they advise women against doing in the early stages of pregnancy as well as saying in early January that she’d had no cravings or morning sickness ‘yet’ – which you suffer in the first trimester.

If she’s willing to fake a marriage for money then faking a pregnancy for Kash is no great shakes.

Meanwhile, although Kimbo’s still married to fake husband no.1, she’s trying to tell the world via twitter that Kanyé’s proposed.

She tweeted a picture of the above ‘KW’ ring yesterday as TMZ posted legal papers that say Kim is now claiming that the Kris Humphries court case is affecting ‘the health and well-being of my unborn child’.

He wants an annulment on the grounds that the marriage was a fraud to boost her TV show ratings (well, duh), while she denies that (because she’s planning on doing the same thing with a Kanye wedding) and wants a divorce.

This comes as stories are circulating online that Kanye demanded that Getty Images remove photographs of him in a skirt that he wore at a Hurricane Sandy benefit because he didn’t like the internet laughing at him en masse.

If he’s worried about that then what on earth’s he doing with Kim Kardashian?

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